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This is a hands-on training workshop held as part of JSFoo 2013.

This workshop will help you to learn how to build dynamic, real-time, single page web applications using Meteor.js with very little code and at lightning speed.

Meteor is a JavaScript framework that helps to build dynamic, realtime single-page web applications with very little code and at lightning speed. Meteor is a great framework for rapidly prototyping applications since it abstracts away the configuration details and automates most of the repetitive tasks.

This workshop will cover an overview of Meteor.js. The trainer will cover the following topics:

  • Concepts and principles of Meteor
  • Introduction to Handlebars templating library and using templates with Meteor
  • Reactive Programming - reactive contexts and data stores
  • Introduction to MongoDB and Meteor Collections
  • Using Meteor Smart Packages
  • Security - Restricting Read/Write access
  • Packaging and Deploying an application

The trainer will also walk participants through the code of a sample application to demonstrate the process of structuring and organizing code in a Meteor app.

This workshop will be conducted by Bharani Muthukumaraswamy.


Haris Ibrahim K. V., Radha Rao

Tel: 080-67684422


Microsoft Ventures
#9, Lavelle Road
Bangalore, Karnataka